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The Finest NO-RINSE Fluid available for cleaning Vinyl Phonograph Recordings.

The Disc Doctor's QuickWash Record Cleaner is a blend of purified water and high purity, biodegradeable surfactants specially formulated for cleaning vinyl phonograph recordings with vacuum-assisted record cleaning machines. Our QuickWash solution can also be removed manually using high nap, pure cotton terry cloth or equivalent microfiber cloth.

The Disc Doctor's QuickWash Record Cleaner works best with 20-30 sec of light spreading using a back & forth motion followed by vacuum-assisted fluid removal. Highly effective removal of mold & mildew.

For many The Disc Doctor's QuickWash Solution will be all the record cleaner your vinyl record collection will ever need.

The audible value of using our "Miracle Record Cleaner" along with the extra effort required for a rinse versus our QuickWash solution is something that each user should evaluate for themselves.

For worst case situations a second scrubbing application of QuickWash Solution may be helpful but most often such discs are best cleaned with "The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner".

For The Sound You Thought You Bought
Miracle Record Cleaner
LPs, 45s, Shellac & Plastic 78s, Edison Diamond Discs, Acetates and Lacquers

If it's a vinyl, shellac or diamond disc recording...
How well you've cared for your recordings...
How exacting your playback system...

Unless you've cleaned your records with The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner and brushes you've yet to enjoy all the music your records have to offer!
Every record, even if thought to be cleaned, is soiled with a wide range of dirts and contaminants, including mold and mildew. Vinyl discs are also coated with sticky mould-release compounds. Contaminants between the groove and diamond stylus or steel needle cause mistracking and are abrasive resulting in unnecessary, excessive wearing of both record and stylus. By interfering with proper groove tracing, dirty records produce inaccurate, noisy sound.

A safe, effective, one-time cleaning solution has now been developed. Hundreds of pressings have been cleaned to complete satisfaction. In no case could more contaminants be removed from a properly cleaned record...if cleaned using the suggested procedure and with The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner and Brushes, one cleaning is all a disc will ever need. Just keep it free of dust, fingerprints, and other contaminants and it won't need to be cleaned again. Dry brushing with a carbon fiber brush for vinyl or velvet duster for shellac, acetate and Diamond Discs is all the maintenance necessary.

The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner is available in pint, quart, 1/2 gallon and gallon hdpe bottles; a concentrate is available for international delivery. We recommend using the Miracle Record Cleaner as a mixture of 2 parts MRC to 1 part fresh distilled or RO filtered water. The 4 oz. flip-cap dispenser shown above accompanies each bottle of Cleaner. Wet Cleaning Brushes are sold as singles or pairs & each brush includes an extra replaceable cleaning pad. Brushes are sized for 7", 10", 12" & 16" vinyl or shellac pressings with various label sizes. See price list for complete descriptions. Detailed Instructions are included.  

effective 9/10/12 shipping fees & prices have changed. The s/h fees listed are averages for delivery within the US. please contact us before sending check or money order. Non-US customers please confirm shipping fees prior to payment.

prices below are incorrect & will be corrected within the next few days. .

A pint of Cleaner and a pair of Brushes sized for LPs is $78.60 by Visa/MC/Disc/PayPal, s/h included and cleans 225-250 average condition lps; a $2.30 discount applies for payment by cash, check or money order. A quart of Cleaner and a pair of Brushes sized for LPs is $93.50 by Visa/MC/Disc/PayPal, s/h included; a $2.75 discount applies for payment by cash, check or money order. Full volume & the equivalent concentrate solutions are the same price. We accept payment by Visa/MC/Disc/PayPal, in US dollars by registered mail, and by money order, personal or Traveler's check drawn in USD on a US bank.

For credit card transactions, you will receive a request for payment to us from PayPal with a link to their secured merchant account. After you supply your email address & card information, they will forward a confirmation to us & the order will be shipped promptly. Alternately, If you have your own Paypal account, you can transfer funds directly to our Paypal account using our email address. Remember to add your shipping address if it differs from the billing address. Please make check out to LCL or Lagniappe Chemicals Ltd. & mail to P.O. Box 37066, St. Louis, MO 63141.  

AcousTech Carbon Fiber Brush $19 plus p/h.


Also available, The Shure Stylus Force Gauge, $29

The full color image below offers 3 different views of the authentic Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Brush. The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Brush was the first & only applicator specifically designed to clean phonograph disc recordings.

The light weight ergonomic design is comfortable in the hand. The void in the base of the handle maximizes the amount of usable flat contact space with the disc surface while minimizing the amount of fluid required for safe, thorough & effective cleaning. Careful choice of fabric for the replaceable cleaning pad along with manual & visual screening for irregularities, affords a cleaning surface that maximizes the agitation of the cleaning solution insuring safe & thorough cleaning with a single application when used as directed.



The 2 black & white images below ARE NOT the Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Brush. The solid, heavy & overly wide base of this handle makes the brush harder to hold, less effective than the Disc Doctor's Wet Cleaning Brushes and requires 50% more fluid to be used safely.

The manufacturer of this brush claims the pad surface can be used either wet or dry. We have never identified a fabric which we would recommend as safe & effective for both wet & dry application to vinyl phonograph recordings.

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Stereophile Recommended Components and recipient of The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award

2005 Brutus Award
Positive Feedback Online

The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaning System is Recommended by Richard Foster -Phonogram, Positive Feedback, Listener Magazine, Audiophile Voice, SoundStage!, The Absolute Sound and Stereophile. Michael Fremer's recommendations appear in Stereophile, July, 2001.

Used by The Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound, The Yale University Historical Sound Recordings and The Center for Popular Music. Recommended by Russ Shor, Vintage Jazz Mart; Dr. David Evans, Prof. of Music, University of Memphis; Robert Schoenfeld, Nighthawk Records and Raymond R. Wile, noted Diamond Disc collector and Edison authority.  

The Disc Doctor's Stylus Cleaner
The Disc Doctor's Stylus Cleaner does not leave a residue on the cantilever or stylus. 17 mL,$28 with new improved stylus brush.
Ships within the US for $31.75 by Visa/MC/Disc/PayPal
or $32.70 by check/mo.


Michael Fremer's recommendation appears in the Nov. 2000 issue of Stereophile

stylus brush available separately